adjustable weight vest

Adjustable weight vest for walking, running and strength training. The ultra-high-density foam padding supports the core and provides rebound on impact. Our workout weight vest strengthens your core instead of shortening your muscles. It is made of durable material, which makes it hard-wearing and lasts longer than other weight vests.

ADJUSTABLE dumbbells

We have a solution for all your core strength needs and requirements. Our adjustable dumbbells are made of the highest quality steel, are ergonomic, and are ideal for home use, the gym, or travel. Our adjustable dumbbells are a great way to add variety to your workout. Whether you use heavier weights for an intense mid-body session or lighter weights for lower body movements, these dumbbells allow you to train according to your needs. You can adjust the weight of each dumbbell.

2 different weight options

We created our adjustable weight dumbbells to give you all the benefits you need to achieve your fitness goals. The weight and size of the dumbbells are adjustable, and it's easy to use, so you can start light and add more weight as you get stronger. Say goodbye to bulky dumbbells and hello to the ultimate home fitness machine. These adjustable weights are perfect for strengthening core and arm muscles, and their compact size means you can take them anywhere.

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As true sports enthusiasts, we have a great love for both strength training and cardio. Yet we always missed something that made training less comfortable. How did we notice that? Because increasing weight often involved hassle and because we couldn't use sports products for multiple exercises. You know the drill: you're working out and you want to take it to the next level and add more weight. On a roll! Only you often unnecessarily drag with different weights or you have to buy other products that fit your exercise. That could be easier, we thought. And that's where Eki Future originated. High-quality, luxurious and future-oriented sports products that are easy to attach and take with you.

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adjustable weight vest


The weight vest is adjustable at the shoulders and at the waist. In addition, it is provided with a soft lining so that the weight does not hurt your back or chest. Unlike other vests, ours is very short, this ensures that you can do a wide variety of different movements without the vest getting in the way.


Want to use different weights for different exercises? Or do you want to build up the weight? Most weight vests come with a standard weight, our vest you confirm with the weight of your choice, so that you always have control over how hard the workout will be.

What do our customers think?


Good and useful product! Very unique weight vest 100% recommended!


A top product that is so much nicer than having multiple dumbbells. Works super well and is quite high in weight. Also delivered very quickly. Highly recommended.

Aidin Kandzic

Very good quality dumbbell. With this one-time purchase you immediately have all possible weights at your disposal. The supplied holders are user-friendly and beautiful. No more room full of weights lying around!


Super purchase, and a great product..My husband and I can train well with this, both outdoors and indoors....


The Dumbells are super handy, take up little space and are easily adjustable. Nice seller with fast delivery.

The Hague